The latest fraud cases in 2024

1. Online shopping return refund scam

Ms. A received A call from A self-proclaimed after-sales customer service, saying that the quality of the cosmetics Ms. A bought on Tiktok was not up to standard and she wanted to make compensation to Ms. A. At first, Ms. A ignored the call and hung up. Later, Ms. A received such A call, said to pay its compensation, the other party gave Ms. A A two-dimensional code, Ms. A logged in and filled in the personal information and bank card information, after filling out the other party and sent a two-dimensional code to Ms. A, scanning code shows that to pay 10,000 yuan, the other party explained that this money is personal information security. Then it will be returned to Ms. A together with the compensation, and then Ms. A gullible and scan the code paid 10,000 yuan, but did not receive A refund, Ms. A realized that she was cheated, so the police, A total loss value of about 10,000 yuan.

How to prevent online shopping scams?

2. Online loan scams

Mr. D (a pseudonym) received a loan link text message on his mobile phone, Mr. D held a try mentality, according to the link to download the loan software “flash silver”. After registering the account, the other staff asked Mr. D to remit the money on the grounds of incorrect registration information and unfreezing the account. So Mr. D transferred 15,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan to the designated bank card of the other party twice through the mobile banking APP, and then the other party said that it needs to open a member to withdraw, Mr. D transferred 15,000 yuan into the account provided by the other party, but again showed that the withdrawal failed, and the other party said that the money was frozen, requiring Mr. D to continue to transfer, Mr. D found that he was cheated. So the police, a total of 80,000 yuan cheated.

Warm reminder: If you need a loan, please go to the bank or formal credit institutions, all of them require to pay a deposit, thaw fees, do a running account or ask for a verification code before the loan is issued.

3. Online payment scam

When Ms. Z (a pseudonym) was playing mobile phones at home, she received an order to play games together on the “Bi Xin” APP, and added the other party’s QQ. The other party sent a message through QQ to ask Ms. Z to help brush the order, and then sent the two-dimensional code order to Ms. Z, so that Ms. Z tried to pay. The other party said that the money paid for the order would not be deducted successfully, and it was still in Ms. Z’s account. Ms. Z thought that she had taken the order anyway and would not lose money, so Ms. Z brushed three orders, paying 37777 yuan, 1 yuan and 37777 yuan to the other side’s account, but they were deducted. Ms. Z immediately contacted the other party to ask about the situation, the other party said that the financial staff would return to Ms. Z later, but since then no one has dealt with it, no longer respond to the message, Ms. Z was aware of being cheated, so the police, a total loss value of about 75555 yuan.

Warm reminder: virtual game world, do not trust the net friends on the other side of the network, be sure to be vigilant, involving money and other transactions are fraud.

4. You’re dating him online and he’s cheating

Ms. F (a pseudonym) met a handsome young man with a sunny head in QQ chat, and the two chatted very well, and soon communicated in the form of male and female friends. After contact for a period of time, the other party recommended Ms. F to a website “Eisen trust” that can make money, Ms. F believed in the words of her boyfriend, and recharged 500 yuan through mobile bank transfer, and then recharged 1,000 yuan and 23,000 yuan successively. At first, the platform can be withdrawn, Ms. F withdrew a total of 1855.14 yuan, but then the platform can not withdraw, a total loss value of about 22644.86 yuan.

Warm reminder: falling from the sky Gao Fu Shuai, Bai Fu Mei, considerate to you, but also take you to invest and finance, let you think that you met the true love, is actually a trap set by crooks to fraud.

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5. Investment scams

When Mr. L (a pseudonym) was chatting with a wechat friend, the friend introduced him to an investment and financing APP, saying that he had earned a lot of money in this APP. Hearing that his friend made money, Mr. L was very interested in downloading the “** Big Winner” investment APP, and then reloading to different bank cards in a total of 57 times, the amount of 2009999.78 yuan, during which Mr. L withdrew a total of 1077181.9 yuan, to April 12, 2023, Mr. L found that the APP could not withdraw cash, There was 932,817.88 yuan left in his account, so he called the police, and the total loss value was about 932,817.88 yuan.

Warm reminder: do not believe the so-called high returns, the sky does not fall the pie, to fall is also a trap!

How to prevent investment scams?

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